Inside this website you will find sheet music of compositions and
arrangements for Classical, Flamenco and Latin American Guitar, C.D.'s.
Cassettes and L.P.'s of music by composers from the Renaissance to the
modern day. From Bach to Boswell.

Vancouver Guitarist Stephen Boswell is a concert and recording artist living
in B.C. Canada. His career as a concert artist has spanned thirty
years. He has performed in Europe, South America, the United States and
Canada. He teaches Classical and Flamenco Guitar at Capilano University in
North Vancouver where he offers Degree accredited instruction. He also
teaches privately from his Vancouver studio.


"The real jewel in the crown was Boswell's arrangements of movements from
Bach's Partita No. 2, for solo violin. He admirably translated the virtues
of the guitar. The Allemande was played with the true sensitivity to the arc
of the phrase, lightly handled embellishments, and minute control over
dynamics. The Courante was taken at a terrifying brisk pace. The final
movement, the Sarabande showed its absolute suitability to the guitar with
Boswell's acute attention to attack and decay of the sound. If the Bach was
the jewel in the crown, the final programmed piece turned that crown upside
down. The Prince's Toys, a six-part suite by Nikita Koshkin, explored every
possible technical innovation known on the modern guitar. Van Halen, eat
your heart out!"
- The Lethbridge Herald

His publications with Chelys Music are beautifully hand calligraphed or
computer designed and printed. These and his recordings span from the
Renaissance to the music of 20th Century South America and Spain.

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(Photos by Daryl Harapiak)