What the Critics have to say about
Stephen Boswell.


"If Canada was in the habit of appointing musicians "Cultural treasures," Stephen Boswell would be high on the list."
- Cariboo Observer

"Boswell is a serious artist with excellent technique."
- The Agassiz Advance

"A very pleasant personality and an introduction to music most of us knew very little about...Toy soldiers marched, drums and trumpets sounded, there was a marching melody, all at once. The mechanical monkey performed and a doll did a tango."
- Osoyoos Times

"The real jewel in the crown was Boswell's arrangements of movements from Bach's Partita No. 2, for solo violin. He admirably translated the virtues of guitar. The Allemande was played with true sensitivity to the arc of the phrase, lightly handled embellishments, and minute control over dynamics. The Courante was taken at a terrifyingly brisk pace. the final movement, the Sarabande showed its absolute suitability to the guitar with Boswell's acute attention to attack and decay of the sound.
If the Bach was the jewel in the crown, the final programmed piece turned that crown upside down. The Prince's Toys, a six-part suite by Nikita Koshkin, explored every possible technical innovation known on the modern guitar. Van Halen, eat your heart out!
- The Lethbridge Herald

"GUITARIST MESMERIZES" - Whistler Question

"This virtuoso player, well known in Europe and South America, circled his fingers around the strings with the speed of light, doing things we had no idea the guitar could do. His technique was absolutely dazzling with its great range of tone and variety of special effects."
- Osoyoos Times

"Stephen Boswell's incredible performance...was a dynamic start for the...season.
...people listened in awe as Mr. Boswell's left hand danced all over the frets and his right hand picked and pulled clear, distinct sounds from his guitar.
Boswell captured the hearts of the children in the audience with a delightful story 'The Prince's Toys' set to music."
- North Thompson Journal

"Stephen Boswell: A Prince of the Guitar. Boswell played with a pureness and sensitivity known only to the most dedicated and gifted of performers. The warmth and richness of Boswell's stylings were matched only by the good humour of the artist himself."
- Quesnel Cariboo Observer

"Guest soloist Stephen Boswell gave a warmly felt musical performance of Rodrigo's 'Fantasia Para una Gentilhombre' for guitar and orchestra."
- Susan Mertens, The Sun


Stephen Boswell - Classical Guitarist

"A gifted guitarist from Canada"
- Classical Guitar, British Publications

"Guitar falls gently on the ear - Boswell has put together a refreshing L.P."
- The Vancouver Sun

Partitas for Guitar

"Played with lively passion...technical skills continue to impress."
- The Vancouver Sun

"Boswell's playing is sensitive and warm, with impressive attention to detail, - Rapid passages are accurate and polished - Stephen Boswell is clearly at home with the German baroque Repertoire."
- Colin Eatock, Music Magazine

"It's a good album and I'm glad to help spread the word."
- Clyde Gilmour, CBC Radio, Toronto

La Guitarra Latina

"Guitarist Stephen Boswell has put together a highly enjoyable program of short solo pieces by South American composers. The music is all of a gentle and sunny disposition, yet varied enough to avoid monotony. Boswell plays with fluency, taste and assurance, commanding the listener's attention throughout. His sense of rhythm is noteworthy, and felicities of nuance abound. The recording is clear and focused, and the engineer has captured the timbre of Boswell's instrument with full, rich colors and an ambient glow. This release qualifies as one of those rare privately made productions that actually sounds professional."
- Robert Markow, Music Magazine